In 2015, All Care looked to broaden its Community Access Group (CAG) program.  All Care has long supported the idea that people are better served through being out in the community rather than being in a building all day.

All Care YOUniversity As the program grew in popularity and number of individuals served, it became evident that we needed a space to land in the morning, a space to have lunch, a place to “chill”, and a space to be creative.  Angela Freeman, All Care’s Behavior Specialist, envisioned a setting different than other day programs.  She envisioned a place that was “cool” to hang out at, that presented a college feel, a next step in life learning facility, a university where people could be themselves and the mature adults that they are.

For most of her career, Angela has insisted that “If you treat people with respect and treat them like adults, they will act like respected adults.”  She wanted the place to be about the individual, “YOU”.  From these ideas, All Care’s YOUniversity was born.  The YOUniversity is a day program created by All Care that serves adults with developmental disabilities. While at the YOUniversity, individuals participate in outings in the community as well as work to achieve goals that they help set for themselves. It is a cool, fun, and safe environment where individuals can make friends and become active adult members in their community.

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The YOUniversity is open.
CAG services are still being provided with in the homes of those that live in a managed home.



Field Trips

All Care YOUniversity Community Outing at Flat Creek PFA

Part of the vision of All Care is to assist individuals in being a part of their communities. Being a part sometimes means "giving back to the community". Jasmine Payne, All Care YOUniversity Director, organized a wonderful opportunity for giving back. Through...

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Jarrell Plantation

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