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Mrs. B & Family

It meant so much to see Jesse and Dominick there too! It was comforting to know that such caring people were part of his life. God Bless You All!


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Mrs. C.

All Care is the BEST agency I have ever used, and Erin Fulmer is the BEST caregiver I have ever had for my son. He has opened up more, is learning more, and is just all around happier! We look forward to growing with All Care!

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Barbara M.

Thank you so much for placing my sister so quickly. You definitely went above and beyond and have made our entire family happy!

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Macon Office Supplies

Hello Allen, Richelle, and Susan!

Congratulations on being selected the Best of the Best, as an “In Home Care Provider.”

A well-deserved honor!!

We appreciate the invitation yesterday, for the “Snow Cones on the Porch.” Unfortunately, I was at a Medical Appointment and Fred is on Vacation (Lucky Him!). I know, that it was a festive time.

We appreciate the community partnership, that we have with All Care, and we value the support, that you provide, for us.

Thanks, again, for all that All Care does for our community and area of the State.

You are indeed, “The Best of the Best!”


Macon Office Supplies

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Mrs. A

Dear Allen:

I wanted to thank you and Ginny for providing caregivers. I appreciate your service.

I also wanted to let you know what an outstanding aide Stephanie was. She is the best caregiver I have had in 24 years. She was always on time, so very polite and I never heard her phone ring or heard her on it. She paid very close attention to his needs and handled everything very professionally. Also, she was so very kind to me. She went beyond the call of duty to make his transition as smooth as possible. Thank you for sending her to us. She was a blessing!



Karen Grasmick Fauer

AllCare is a great service to the elderly wanting to remain in their homes, and to those with disabilities needing additional assistance. They have a friendly, professional, caring staff ready to assist.

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Take a minute to listen to some of the members of our All Care family in these short videos. If you have family members that need our in home services, give us a call at 478-254-3621. Let us “Make Them HAPPY”!




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Take a minute to listen to some of the members of our All Care Team in these short videos.

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