News & Updates

Proud of MerriLee

There is nothing that Caregiver of the Year nominee Merrilee Slaughter won’t do for her clients and colleagues at ALL CARE, where she pays careful attention to the well-being and needs of all her patients.

Progress at the South Georgia Office

Busy day for staff in our South Georgia office as they install IT equipment for phones, server, networking, computers, and video conferencing.

All Care – COVID-19 Statement

All Care is a family.  There are good times and there are bad times in the life of all families. Right now, the world is facing an unprecedented challenge with the Coronavirus.

Our Newest Managed Home

All Care is preparing to help serve more people in their own home. This is the newest managed home that All Care is partnering with. We continue to grow and help support more people in their community. Let us know how we can help you and your family. [gallery...

All Care South Georgia Office

We spent the day in our South Georgia office in Moultrie getting to know new team members Shannika Reddick, and Chelsea Trevelyan.

New All Care Youniversity Director Scarlette Harper

All Care Youniversity is excited that Spring is here and the opportunities it brings for more outings. All Care has a new Youniversity director, Scarlette Harper. Please welcome her to our family. Our outings for April will continue with each participant continuing...