All Care Youniversity is excited that Spring is here and the opportunities it brings for more outings. All Care has a new Youniversity director, Scarlette Harper. Please welcome her to our family.

Our outings for April will continue with each participant continuing the $20 fee to cover the activities.

Thank you for participating in our program which continues to grow. April provides the opportunity for additional community integration and responsibilities.

  • April Human Right: The Right to choose places of employment.
  •  April CQL Factor: People Choose where they work.
  • Outings for April 2019: Please see calendar.
  • Money for April: Everyone will need $20 for the activities planned for the month. Please send this money at the beginning of the month.
  • Calendar Changes: We try to adhere to a schedule. Please understand that due to certain circumstances plans sometimes change. You will be notified if the change affects clothing or money. Easter is right around the corner and we look forward to celebrating.
  • Clothing: Please continue to make sure that there is plenty of supply for any individual that needs depends, wipes, and a change of clothes while at the Youniversity. We do not supply these items.
  • Communication: Please continue to call/text if the individual that you provide supports for will not be present or will be late to the Youniversity. We don’t want any individual missing out on community activities. Please be sure to sign individuals in and out each day.

We are looking forward to some changes this year and providing every individual with support defined by them for community and social access.