Happy New Year!! All Care YOUniversity is looking forward to 2020 and all of the exciting opportunities it will bring.

Thank you for participating in our program which we are looking forward to growing this year.

January Human Right: The right to independent advocates.

(we will be going over throughout the month how to advocate for ourselves and ask for help when needed)

January CQL Factor: People live in integrated environment.

(we will be learning how to fill out applications for employment, we will be learning all the different jobs that we can apply for)

Activities for January 2020: Please see calendar

Money for January: Everyone will need $20 for the activities planned for the month. Please send this money at the beginning of the month.

Clothing: Please continue to make sure that there is plenty of supplies for any individual that needs depends, wipes, and change of clothes while at the YOUniversity. We do not supply these items.

Communication: Please continue to call/text if the individual that you provide supports for will not be present or will be late. We don’t want any individual missing out on community activities.

Progress: Each individual is making good progress at the YOUniversity, each of them are learning new things and working hard towards their personal goals. We will continue to work on math skills, reading skills, writing skills, communications skills, and all other life skills that are important to each of them for everyday living and while in their community.

All Care YOUniversity looks forward to participating in some meaningful activities, events and community outings this year.

Heads UP: In February we will be having a Valentines dinner/dance and would like for every individual to participate. We are asking that each individual dress up for this occasion. We will also need an advance notice on who will be participating in this event, so that we make sure there is enough food prepared, which will be plated and served.