Last Friday, we had a fun food tasting at West Coast Vegan Grill with my friend Tamika Williams and some other food enthusiasts—Mark Poitevint, James Mullins, and Matthew Williams. We were treated to a great show of how they make their vegan dishes.

The chefs at the grill showed us how they prepare each meal. It was really interesting to see how they use vegan ingredients to make dishes that everyone loves, even without any meat or dairy.

We got to try several dishes:

  • The plant-based pecan pie was amazing. It was sweet, nutty, and you wouldn’t even know it was vegan!
  • Next, we had a smoothie made from plants and fruits. It was fresh and tasted like a perfect summer drink.
  • The Salisbury Steak with onions and mushrooms was impressive too. It was hearty and so tasty, just like the classic dish but made entirely from plants.

We would definitely recommend West Coast Vegan Grill to anyone who’s interested in trying out tasty vegan food. Whether you’re already a vegan or just want to try something new, this place has great options that will surprise you.

So, if you’re near the West Coast, stop by this grill. You won’t be disappointed! We had a great time and left with smiles, already planning when we could come back.