June marks Richelle Gilmer’s 10th anniversary with All Care. Over the years, she has demonstrated nothing but growth, dedication, and commitment to our main mission. Not only did Richelle’s career at All Care become an incredible case of progress and passion, but it also represents her valuable contribution to our community and the people she inspired. We would like to celebrate this wonderful decade with All Care by sharing Richelle’s thoughts

Richelle Gilmer

“There is a light that never goes out; it’s at Waffle House! While Waffle House is famous for ‘Good Food Fast,’ I will forever think of the iconic restaurant as a place where my journey with All Care began, where my light came on. I met with Allen Freeman in June of 2014 at Waffle House to discuss coming to work for All Care even though I had just finished a degree and became a registered cardiac sonographer. I was offered and accepted a job a few days later, and the lights are as bright as ever.

From my first role as an executive assistant and bookkeeper, to finance director, to vice president of finance and business development, I have seen All Care grow in its business capacity while staying true to its mission and vision…MAKE THEM HAPPY! It’s a privilege to serve the people who choose to allow All Care to support them. Much of my day-to-day focus is business and operations focused, but those individuals that are the reason for what we do are the lights that never go out. A huge thank you to them, my co-workers over the years, and founders Angela and Allen Freeman for a successful and bright ten years!”

– Richelle Gilmer, Vice President of All Care

Congratulations to Richelle who has been with us for 10 great years. Richelle’s journey from a hopeful meeting at a Waffle House to a key leadership role illustrates the path of opportunity and the spirit of commitment that All Care embodies. Consequently, her experiences and achievements demonstrate the opportunities that All Care offers and the amount of dedication and devotion that the staff possesses. Her story is not just about personal achievement but about nurturing a community that cares deeply for each other. Here’s to more years of leadership, growth, and lights that never go out at All Care. Thank you, Richelle, for a decade of incredible service and for being a shining example of our core values.