Tuesday, April 23 marked a special day at AllCare YOUniversity South with our monthly highlight, “Breakfast with Buddy.” We invited notable local gentlemen to join our individuals for a heartwarming brunch as special guests. The event was a resounding success, filled with joy and community spirit.

Our guests were treated to special thank you bags crafted by our individuals, complete with heartfelt cards expressing their gratitude. This gesture added a personal touch that made the event even more memorable.

A big thank you to the AllCare South Team—Michelle Maxwell, Kim Phelps, and Martin Baker—for preparing their famous dishes that delighted everyone present. Their efforts in the kitchen truly brought the event to life!

We also extend our gratitude to Mr. Paul Barkley, our CEO, who stepped in at the last minute to help ensure the brunch went smoothly. His willingness to lend a hand was greatly appreciated.


A HUGE shoutout to my team, Tamika Williams and Shyann Grace, for their impeccable planning and execution. Thanks to them, “Breakfast with Buddy” was not just an event but a celebration of unity and kindness.

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make “Breakfast with Buddy” a truly special day. We’re already looking forward to next month’s gathering!


We’re excited to continue building this program and fostering a sense of belonging and support in our community. Here’s to many more events like this one!

Thank you to everyone who made this day possible!